University of Calgary

Graduate Programs in Geomatics Engineering

Graduate studies are ultimately directed at developing skills for independent research and the ability to communicate research results effectively. Going through a graduate program is therefore a multi-dimensional learning experience which requires motivation and initiative, in addition to adequate preparation and intellectual capability. In graduate school, advanced course work is only part of the experience. Interaction with professors and fellow students, exposure to research methodologies, design procedures, and resources are other indispensable components. Most important, especially at the Ph.D. level, is the ability to think creatively when formulating and solving problems.

Graduate activities involve taking courses, presenting seminars, assisting in teaching and research, writing reports and theses as well as participating in other departmental and campus projects.
Graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) are offered by the Department. Course and thesis components are needed to fulfill the degree requirements, except for the course-based option of the MEng degree.

Graduate program inquiries:
graduate [at] geomatics [dot] ucalgary [dot] ca