University of Calgary

About Geomatics Engineering

Geomatics Engineering is an emerging information technology in the 21st Century. Geomatics deals with the acquisition, modeling, analysis and management of spatial data and includes exciting applications such as positioning by satellites, remote sensing, land surveying, and geospatial information management.  Geomatics is one of the fastest growing information sciences in Canada and throughout the World.

The Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, created in 1979, is the only geomatics engineering department in Western Canada and has become one of the leading departments of geomatics engineering in the world.  The department has achieved worldwide excellence both at the undergraduate and graduate levels and in research.  With 20 faculty members, 160 undergraduate students and 80 graduate students, it is the largest school of its kind in Canada.

Many of our faculty members are known nationally and internationally for their research programs, and our graduate students are winning international awards on a regular basis for the excellence of their work.   There is a strong demand throughout North America for graduates of our programs, both at the Bachelors level and for those with graduate degrees.